Road Trippin' The StatesEvery time I ask an American if they’ve been to the Grand Canyon, seen Mount Rushmore, or visited Washington DC, I’m always surprised at how many times people say no. As an Australian who visited this country 5 times before moving to New York City in 2015, it seems that I’ve seen more of The States than most of the people who have lived here all their lives.

I’m Ashlea – a freelance travel writer, social media manager, content manager, and creator of the travel blog A Globe Well Travelled. I created Road Trippin’ The States to inspire more Americans to explore their own country. I want you to see USA the way I see it – as a beautiful and diverse country with an unlimited number of places to explore.

There are plenty of vibrant cities, adorable towns, and spectacular national parks to choose from, so take your pick of region or state and go on an adventure.


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