Cape Cod is truly the ultimate summer getaway, but despite that it is somewhat of an undiscovered gem. Here is why you need to visit Cape Cod.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

1. Cutest houses ever

Cape Cod’s houses are literally the cutest ever. With flowers growing all summer and adorable color schemes, you won’t find a house that isn’t pleasing to the eye.

Where to stay: Chatham Bars Inn

2. Amazing seafood

With miles of coastline everywhere, fresh seafood is not hard to comeby! It comes in plentiful amounts all around the Cape, and is incredibly delicious.

3. Stunning beaches

Cape Cod boasts the best beaches in all of Massachusetts and possibly all of New England. The water is more temperate than you’d expect, and the beaches are also gorgeous.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

4. Incredible ice cream

There are so many ice cream shops around, you will never find yourself at a loss for ice cream. And all of it is delicious.

5. Activities for everyone

Here in the Cape you can kayak through the turquoise oceans, bike through quaint and cute towns, golf to your hearts content, or go fishing! You can even go go-karting if that’s what you please.

Where to stay: The Ocean Club on Smuggler’s Beach

6. Super close to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are the two irresistibly cute islands of Massachusetts and are just a ferry away from Cape Cod. Plan a quick day trip to either of the two islands while you’re in the Cape – you sure won’t regret it.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

7. Gorgeous landscapes

Everywhere you look, Cape Cod is gorgeous. Whether you’re looking at the aforementioned cute houses or stunning beaches or just a simple street downtown or a marina, it’s bound to be gorgeous. And therefore, instagram-worthy!

Where to stay: Seadar Inn by the Sea

8. Amazing stargazing opportunities

Since there are no big cities or skyscrapers anywhere near the Cape, the stars will be bright and visible. Astronomy enthusiasts rejoice!

9. Whale watching

It doesn’t get cooler than this – being mere feet away from the world’s largest animal. Cape Cod has an abundance of whale watching opportunities to satisfy your curiosity!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

10. Brilliant sunsets

There’s nothing I love more than a gorgeous pastel sunset, and fortunately, Cape Cod has plenty of those.

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